The Centre for Social Response as a Social Enterprise works with others to connect people, communities and companies to sustainable, social and just ways of working- we do this through our:

Global Connections Travel Programs

Travel with Purpose

Journeys planned for 2015



Tailored Training Programs

people centered developmentPeople centered development

Training Programs for non-government organisations, government bodies and corporations – PARTICULARLY COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PRACTICE FOR MINING COMPANIES


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2015 Travel Program

Social Enterprise India October 2015: HURRY CLOSING SOON!!!!

Social enterprise india

Our Social Enterprise India Journey is a unique small group travel program to the heart of modern India. We will see and meet some amazing enterprises and social entrepreneurs. Social Enterprise India will give people the space to learn, be inspired and connect with people engaged in enterprising social change. We will also visit famous cities and sites such as Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi and possibly the Taj Mahal, but also experience rural life and the real issues confronting many people. This is a journey for social entrepreneurs both new and experienced, government, business and corporate leaders, community sector workers and people interested in using business principles to better create real social change.


Anniversary India November 2015


This Anniversary 3 week journey is celebrating 20 years of travelling in India with people eager to learn about development and village level participation. We will visit some old friends and relive some of the exciting experiences we have had over this time. See the cities and sites, the culture and food and also visit rural villages and urban communities with inspirational change makers. Travel for pleasure and with purpose with the theme: Where to now with Development in India? Partners and friends welcome!


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