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Closing date for  bookings  1st August 2015
(late comers accepted if space is available)

Our 20th Anniversary India Journey is from Nov 15 to Dec 2 and is unique group travel back to many of the people and projects we have visited over many years travelling in India.  You will be gently guided by Mike, Susan and Julia into a greater enjoyment and understanding of India’s complex society around the theme: “India- Where to now with Development?”. We will  enjoy some of the famous cities and sites such as Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Delhi and into the mountains of Uttarakhand, but we also experience rural village life and the real issues confronting many people. This will be a journey mainly for those who have travelled with us since 1995 and their partners-but we welcome enquiries from interested others as well.

With 20 years experience in programs dealing with community, travel and learning, your guides will again ease your entry into the country and the cities, communities & villages we visit. This journey is a mixture of travel experiences: seeing the sights and culture of India, time to explore on your own, together with meeting old friends and interesting presentations on  people and  development..and time to enjoy the food together. With our friends and local Indian partners, we will also have time to meet again people who  inspired us  and helped us understand about organising to overcome poverty and injustice.

This is a journey for the heart and mind and will leave you with a refreshed outlook on life.

This Journey will again touch your heart as you see and experience the many sides of India and its people and leave you with a sense of wonder for life’s diversity.

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  • Anniversary India 2015

    See the World through different eyes!

    An anniversary travel experience for
      • Those who have travelled with us previously
      • Reliving some of the excitement of the CLP trips
      • Meeting old friends and partners in India
      • Catching up with where Development thinking is at

    NOVEMBER 2015


    If you want to see the cities & sights, be inspired, see some solutions to poverty and injustice, experience the culture and village life, and travel with others you can talk to, then you may be one of those who would enjoy our ANNIVERSARY JOURNEY TO INDIA.

    This is a unique 18 day travel and learning journey. It is designed for those who have travelled with us over the past 20 years and are keen to reconnect with India, catch up with the development thinking currently as well as Indian friends and guides, and travel with like minded people keen to enjoy each others company. We also welcome partners or those who are coming for the first time seeking a personal experience that covers both urban and rural  India. It will gently open you to the culture, people and development issues in modern India.

    Join us on a journey of a lifetime as we reconnect with people and together experience and discuss India …development …social issues

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