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Mike DendleMike Dendle is the Managing Director of The Centre for Social Response (CSR). He has spent 20 years travelling, guiding and facilitating programs in India for  Oxfam and Engineers without Borders as well as for CSR.  He has a passion for assisting people in understanding the empowering processes involved in Community and Village organising and the impact that good social enterprises can have on marginalised people.

susan blackSusan Black has worked for Social Ventures Australia an internationally recognised social enterprise intermediary since 2006 when she established the first Social Enterprise Hub in Australia in Brisbane.  Currently she is Director, Projects at SVA. Susan is also a Non-Executive Director and Chair of Governance at Oxfam Australia. Susan has extensive experience in both social enterprise education and support as well as in leading study tours to India, Ethiopia and Thailand. She enjoys sharing with others  the rich experience of cross-cultural learning  in areas of social change.

Steve WilliamsSteve Williams is a social entrepreneur and Chair of the Queensland Social Enterprise Council.  The social enterprise SEED PPM was awarded the Small Australian Social Enterprise of the Year in 2014 in recognition of Steve’s work.  He conducts Impact and Outcomes assessments at SEED, and is a regular speaker on Social Enterprise, and is a published author.

Here’s what previous Centre for Social Response participants have said:

Communities with so little taught me so much, about myself and that intimate journey of discovery…I felt humbled by the experience.

– Stephen H

Amazing programs. A unique opportunity to experience India: full of exciting ideas and practical examples of innovation and problem solving from the leaders of tomorrow

– Christine G

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