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Social Enterprise India is an exciting new program aimed at people with an interest in exploring social change using business principles. The program is for

  •  Social entrepreneurs
  •  Community sector workers
  •  Government, corporate and business leaders
  •  Those interested in using business principles to better create social change.


If you are working in organisations or businesses that want to introduce or explore social enterprise or are charged with the responsibility to build a social enterprise, this program is for you.

Those from a business background who are exploring a career change into the social sector, can learn how to apply their knowledge for useful social outcomes.

Above all else, the program seeks people with an enthusiasm to learn about social enterprise with a desire to use this experience on your return home.


The program and travel is in a group of no more than 18 participants and most accommodation is shared. Travel is by air to major centres then car or private bus. The car travel is usually by comfortable 6 seater vehicles, mostly on sealed roads, however rural roads can also be involved and can be bumpy.

Participants must be healthy and reasonably fit.


Accommodation is often in 3 star hotels although sometimes in unique old buildings or guest houses. Usually there are two people of the same sex to a room.


Remember that we are travelling in a still developing country, sometimes without the services and facilities we are used to at home. Often we are meeting with and sharing in the lives of  people and the voluntary organisations that work with them.  We intend to make the journey comfortable and enjoyable but it is not five-star, except for the extraordinary experience of sharing with real people in real and unique situations.

Here’s what previous Centre for Social Response participants have said:

Communities with so little taught me so much, about myself and that intimate journey of discovery…I felt humbled by the experience.

– Stephen H

Amazing programs. A unique opportunity to experience India: full of exciting ideas and practical examples of innovation and problem solving from the leaders of tomorrow

– Christine G

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