Learning Outcomes


At the end of the program participants will be able to:
    • Identify some core elements and frameworks of social enterprise practice, and observe how these are operationalised in the Indian context;
    • Understand the importance of context in operationalising  social enterprise, by reflecting between  Indian and Australian experience;
    • Develop  global networks of support in social enterprise practice;
    • Understand the practice of social entrepreneurs  in the local, national and international contexts;
    • Demonstrate how the learnings from the program can be applied in the Australian context.
The program is not designed to train people for overseas work. It will give participants an overview of social entrepreneurs in action in real life settings and some of the struggles and joys of setting up such enterprises. It provides understandings and tools as well as inspiration to work  in social enterprise on your return home.

Here’s what previous Centre for Social Response participants have said:

Communities with so little taught me so much, about myself and that intimate journey of discovery…I felt humbled by the experience.

– Stephen H

Amazing programs. A unique opportunity to experience India: full of exciting ideas and practical examples of innovation and problem solving from the leaders of tomorrow

– Christine G

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