What We Ask of You

social enterprise

The Centre for Social Response aims to provide a program that is interesting, challenging and contributes to positive social change. We aim to provide opportunities for learning and growth that have a healthy balance of personal responsibility, shared responsibility, meaningful interactions and fun.

Firstly we ask that you respect the intent of the program and the people and organisations that will host us in India.

Secondly we ask that you engage with the program and with your fellow participants with respect, valuing diversity and different ways of understanding and working. We expect goodwill from all participants and an honest engagement in the processes. The facilitators will provide a safe and positive environment for participation and dialogue.

Thirdly we ask that you undertake to give back what you have been given in India by contributing to a better world on your return home. This may be by working in the area of social impact or by  sharing your knowledge and experience by talking to a wider audience say at work, at church or in organisations you are associated with. It may be that you join or contribute to an organisation working for others such as Oxfam or the Fairtrade campaign.  The number of possibilities is limited only by your imagination and further suggestions and plans can be discussed during the program in India.

Snap Shot Itinerary

  • Chennai
  • Auroville
  • Mumbai
  • Jaipur
  • Delhi
  • Optional Taj Mahal Tour







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